Magnetic Car Phone Holder

$19.99 $34.99
Color: Black

Introducing our latest Magnetic Folding Car Phone Holder, designed for convenient use on-the-go. This holder offers a modern and sophisticated design that enhances the interior of any car. The strong magnetic attachment ensures a secure, reliable hold for your device without compromising its integrity. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free use, allowing you to stay connected while keeping your device safe and secure.

Most magnetic phone car phone holders feature a 2-sided adhesive tape that makes it easy to attach the holder to your car's dashboard or air vent. These holders are typically designed to be compatible with all smartphones that are within 7 inches in size. Once the holder is attached, you can use the magnetic field to securely hold your phone in place without the need for any additional attachments or accessories. Simply hold your phone near the holder, and it will snap into place and stay there while you drive.

Some magnetic phone car phone holders come in two different styles: silver and black. These two color options allow you to choose the holder that best matches the interior of your car or your personal style preference.

Some magnetic car phone holders have an expansion and a folded mode. In the expansion mode, the holder can be adjusted to hold larger phones, while in the folded mode, it takes up less space and is easier to store. This feature makes the holder more versatile and convenient to use in different situations, allowing you to adapt it to your needs while on the go.

Magnetic car phone holders typically offer a 360-degree rotation feature, which allows you to adjust your phone to any angle or orientation for optimal viewing while driving. This feature enables you to easily switch between portrait and landscape mode and find the most comfortable viewing position for you.

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